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#Bring our Babies Home 

What Syesha and Tyon are facing is nothing new for countless of families across the U.S. We Have The Right to Be Right wants to highlight and raise awareness for other ongoing campaigns, featuring families who are fighting to bring their babies home. The following cases are currently pending investigation by RTBR. 


WARNING: Some of the details in these cases could be triggering.


While surrounded by police and hospital staff in Kentucky, Sellers’ two-day old Zephaniah was ripped out of her arms by an officer in May 2021. The move was unsafe and unnecessarily escalated the situation. The entire incident was caught on video, including moments showing an officer CHOKING Sellers from behind as she cried out “she can’t breathe”


Watch video of the incident here.

If you live in the Kentucky area, please support this family by gathering at the courthouse for their next court hearing on Aug. 31, 2021.


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D’Karious Kingston was taken from his family in Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida and placed into foster care after his mother, LaJade took him to the Emergency Room after noticing he wasn’t feeling well due to a prescribed medication called Keflex. LaJade went to the hospital to receive help, yet was falsly accused of missing appointments and mistreating King. Police arrived at the hosptial and while King cried out for his mother she was handcuffed and taken to jail. Threats were made to LaJade informing her that her son would not be put on a Kidney donor list unless she released custody of her son. As a mother willing to do anything for her child LaJade told the courts she would give custody to her aunt, a nurse to be Kingstons guardian. The courts denied and made it clear that one particular foster family were to be the only guardians. 

King has been separated from his mother since December of 2019. The Governor of Florida, Inspector General and Attorney General have all ignored her pleas and a case plan was never provided.  


Your help is needed.

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Click Here to learn more about King’s case and how you can assist.

Screen Shot 2021-08-21 at 5.17.43 PM.png

Shiloh and Aaliyah are the children of Eddie Bellas and Nekaybaw McNeal. Immediately after Aaliyah was born medical staff at Long Island Jewish Hospital in New York City, informed the family something was wrong but provided vague information and no official diagnosis. After prying for information the doctors finally mentioned that Aaliyah had mild anemia (iron deficiency). At 3:00 am the parents are informed that they will be providing Aaliyah with a blood transfusion. After witnessing the medical staff's treatment and lack of information they first offered their own blood, which was refused. The family decided to seek secondary medical opinions which triggered CPS to step in. The baby was taken away and put into a children's holding center. While delivering breast milk to her newborn baby security approached Nekaybaw with a warrant for her arrest with claims of medical negligence. Post-partum Nekaybaw was immediately arrested and sent to Rikers Prison for over a month. 

What unfolded next was a series of unfortunate events ending in torture, coercion, corruption, malpractice, mistreatment, and abuse of power. The family was treated like terrorists and publicly humiliated on the news with claims of kidnapping their children after being assured they were safe to leave with their children by the Sheriff. Today Aaliyah their then newborn child and Shiloh are now properties of the state. 

Shiloh and Aaliyah came from a loving household. Their parents and family have gone to great lengths to attempt to return them home. The family is in great need of your support.  

RTBR is working with the family to release the entire story. 

Click Here to sign the petition and learn more about their case.

Know your rights

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