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I make films, to share important messages, to create awareness and so those who haven’t lived an experience can, even if only for 4 minutes. 


Marathon is a film I wrote and directed that focuses on the never-ending race that Black people and marginalized communities are perpetually running. We never get to rest. It speaks to the devastating impacts that racial injustice results in. A film even more relevant than when I made it. 


This was originally for film festivals, but I felt in my spirit that it had a bigger purpose. In late March I heard about Ahmaud Aubrey, a 25 year old who was hunted down while jogging. It hurt. Again. 


Being Black and living in Canada doesn’t make this hurt any less. It is as palpable as if he was my own brother. Blackness is a worldwide community that is felt throughout the globe. ” 

- Kelly Fyffe-Marshall. 

Marathon Short Film

Films are powerful. An art form that can change perspectives, share emotions and reflect moments in time. In times like this I really understand the importance of storytelling, a form of social justice and advocacy. 

‘We Have The Right To Be Right’ is the campaign birthed out of our viral incident with the police. A platform to create change, express the ultimate feelings of a ComeUnity as well as using it to educate, inspire, motivate and generate emotional insight into hard conversations. 


Share your story with us on social media @righttoberight. Whether it’s yours or of a loved one. #RTBR #SayHerName #SayHisName

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